Barnet Blind and Partially Sighted Bowls Club

Contact:   01582 766328 OR 020 8958 7362

whose wood is nearest the jackbowler releases his woodhelpers on the greenblind and partially sighted bowlers preparing to bowl


Barnet Blind and Partially Sighted Bowls Club welcomes new members. 


An interest in sport and registered blind or partially sighted is all that is needed

The club is run by a small team of volunteers and players.  Coaching, equipment and transport are available.

The club meets twice a week throughout the year on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and two hours fly by, enjoyed to the full by players and helpers.


Come and have fun and find out what the game of bowls for the sight impaired is all about.

On 14 September BB&PS played a match against the Chelsea Pensioners as part of the celebrations of Jim Booth’s 100th birthday.  Jim is a member of our club and President of East Barnet Valley Bowling Club and still enjoys his game of bowls.  The day was a great success attended by the Mayor of Barnet Councillor Brian Sharma and former MP John Marshall

Jim in action