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Monday 11 August† 2014

Presidentís and Captainsí Gala Day

Celebrating our 95th Anniversary


Bill Webb

Vice President

Gill Almeida

Club Captain

Cynthia Gilbert

Vice Captain

Wendy Goldsmith


David Frost

Asst. Treasurer

Brian Roth


Bryan Gilbert

Asst. Secretary

Betty Gill

Catering Manager

Pat Suitor

Match Secretary

Brian Hauff

Competition Secretary

Len Crowley

Membership Secretary

Pat Suitor

†Ladiesí Representative

Nel O'Brien

Menís Representative

Jim Powers

2016 Competition Winners

Monty Hyams Cup

Ron Smith

7-up Singles Cup

Wendy Goldsmith

Jack Lines Cup†

Roger Sutton

Dongworth Cup†

Cynthia Gilbert

Two Woods Singles

Cynthia Gilbert

Ladiesí Handicap

Mal Davies

Menís Handicap

Roger Sutton

Two Woods Pairs

Brian Hauff, Wan-Lan Sng


Wendy Goldsmith, Brian Roth


Len Linger, Mal Davies, Cynthia Gilbert

Junior Cup

Dave Abrey

Ladiesí Championship

Cynthia Gilbert

Menís Championship

John Holland